martedì 22 luglio 2008


OMG I can't stop doing shoes! XD

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Please came to my shop! ^.^
A shop for me!

Oh, deary me!

Ok, first thing: excuse me if I'll do some mistakes... I love english, but I'm italian and it's sooo difficult for me to write in english, lol...
So. I love shoes, I like to create them, I'd love if you like them too. XD
I rented a small, tiny stand in a land called "Pantalica", 'cause it's the FIRST place I was, when I started my second life. A long time ago!
If you want some information, if you can't find my stand, if you like to give me advice or something, please feel free to contact me IW! My name is "j3nnif3r Flanagan". I know, a little complicated maybe, but this is me. XD
Here, the first set of shoes! All sculpted, sure. ^_^

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My first stand! ^_^

This is the stand. Cute, isn't it? ^^
I really, really wish to open a large shop and to create a looot of cute shoes. I don't know if you noticed it, but I try to create them in a original way, something different to the usual serious stuff. Do you like it? Do you want it? So, came and buy, it's sooo cheap! ^___^ Prices go to 5L to a max of 20L! Woah! XD

Please came and look around!
(If you can't tp here or can't find it, please contact me! ^_^)